2012: gold, silver and bronze medals

In 2012 I’ve been to 30 shows and seen 84 different bands (some more than once). So I’ll start with the live top-3:

1st W.A.S.P., Campo Pequeno, Lisboa (PT)
IMG_0162 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/11/13/w-a-s-p-campo-pequeno-20121110/ 

2nd BLOWSIGHT, Debaser Slussen, Stockholm (SE)
d 661 copy https://frontrowforever.net/2012/04/21/blowsight-debaser-slussen-20120408/

3rd PARADISE LOST, Hard Club, Porto (PT)
DSC_0428 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/10/16/paradise-lost-hard-club-20121004/

As you can see, none of them is Portuguese – but that’s simply because I have less chances to see those other bands and therefore their gigs become more special for me. For instance, I’ve waited twenty years to hear “The Idol” by W.A.S.P. live – there’s no way EQUALEFT can compete with that, no matter how big the mayhem they put up on stage. To balance things, I made a national top-3 regarding live performances:

1st EQUALEFT, Hard Club, Porto (PT)
DSC_0398 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/09/25/equaleft-straight-from-within-release-party-20120922/

2nd HEAVENWOOD, Hard Club, Porto (PT)
DSC_0480 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/12/31/heavenwoods-20th-anniversary-hard-club-20121228/

3rd PITCH BLACK, Metalpoint, Porto (PT)
phd https://frontrowforever.net/2012/12/24/invicta-x-massacre-iv-metalpoint-20121222/

Best surprise – in terms that I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT awesome (especially the bronze medal, since I didn’t know them at all):

1st OOMPH!, Le Trabendo, Paris (FR)
DSC_0969 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/10/24/oomph-le-trabendo-20121012/

2nd THE HIVES, Praia do Cabedelo, Gaia (PT)
IMG_5445 copy https://frontrowforever.net/2012/08/01/the-hives-mares-vivas-tmn-20120721/

3rd DUNDERBEIST, Hard Club, Porto (PT)
IMG_0425 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/11/20/dunderbeist-hard-club-20121118/

Of course, there were also some disappointments… WORST top-3:

1st ARCTURUS, Lagoa do Calvão, Vagos (PT)
042 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/08/20/arcturus-vagos-open-air-20120803/

2nd THE CULT, Praia do Cabedelo, Gaia (PT)
IMG_5395 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/07/26/the-cult-mares-vivas-tmn-20120719/

3rd DISAFFECTED, Lagoa do Calvão, Vagos (PT)
151 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/08/14/disaffected-vagos-open-air-20120803/

From the stage to the studio – favourite albums:

1st BLOWSIGHT, “Life & Death”
DSC_0032 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/10/02/blowsights-life-death/

2nd MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY, “Lean Back, Relax and Watch The World Burn”
DSC_0036 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/09/11/man-machine-industrys-lean-back-relax-and-watch-the-world-burn/

3rd THE 69 EYES, “X”
DSC_0035 https://frontrowforever.net/2012/10/21/the-69-eyes-x/

Another kind of studio – favourite videos:

1st BLOWSIGHT “This Pain”


3rd FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Remember Everything”


Oh, so many! :) HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and CRASHDÏET have already announced new albums, and the promotional single of each have convinced me. Hope I can catch them live somewhere.

Now THE 69 EYES is something I WILL see in London in February, and I’m waiting for a confirmation of a gig in Stockholm of MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY, which I hope will happen this year.

Speaking of M.M.I., two guys decided to try something new with Jimmie Strimmel (DEAD BY APRIL, DEATHDESTRUCTION) and THE END OF GRACE was born. It’s more melodic than DEATHDESTRUCTION and not pop at all as DEAD BY APRIL so I believe it’s more “me”. “Metal Mulisha” and “Forget” won me over and I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring for these guys.

EQUALEFT will be recording their debut full-length early this spring, and on a more modern rock side, PLAN THREE should be releasing “The Signal – Part II” anytime, which is something I’m also looking forward to.

I guess it’s too early to wish for SONIC SYNDICATE to come back with something, now that there’s two babies in the family, so I’ll keep waiting. Hopefully “my other sweethearts” in BLOWSIGHT will be able to play some new shows for me to attend. On the front row. ;)

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6 Responses to 2012: gold, silver and bronze medals

  1. kantellis says:

    in general, BLOWSIGHT rules ^^
    i must admit i expected moonspell somewhere here…
    oh yes, and the 69 eyes ^^ they’ll have 2 concerts in poland (though still unconfirmed on official site…) and i think i may be falling for them again with ‘i love the darkness in you’ in my headphones ^^

    • Pieni says:

      EXACTLY! Blowsight FTW ❤
      Well, on Destructive Music, one of the webzines I write for, we had to elect only metal albums – so Moonspell got the second place in my poll 😉 As here I include rock music as well, they didn't reach the podium 😉
      Speaking of 69 Eyes, I have to book the flight, eh eh. I believe it's going to be AWESOME ^^

      • kantellis says:

        you seem to be going more rock than metal lately ^^
        i really do hope the 69 eyes are gonna be awesome ^^ they always are way better live ^^

      • Pieni says:

        I am, yes. Because you can play rock in many ways and it’s still rock. But if you change metal, then it’s not metal anymore. And I don’t like to hear the same stuff over and over again.

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