Revisited: SONIC SYNDICATE-Robin @ Stagedive Day Out, 2009/08/22

Back in 2009 I travelled to Sweden (my first time there) to see Roland Johansson‘s last shows with SONIC SYNDICATE in their homecountry – Sticky Fingers in Göteborg and Stagedive Day Out fest in Nykvärn. I posted about both on my blog on MySpace at the time, but those reports never made it here, to Front Row Forever, despite all the “revisited entries”. They’re my favourite band, I had HUGE fun and even though these pics have a lot of blurry parts (I’d got my first reflex just a couple of months before and was still very unconfortable with it), I’m quite proud of them (the Stagedive ones – the Sticky Fingers pics were taken with a point-and-shoot and turned out terrible). Plus, I got to meet Nathan J. Biggs, the new guy, before the official announcement. :D

But you probably know what happened when Richard Sjunnesson also left, one year later (if you don’t, just google for it) and how distasteful and low I thought his attitude was. As a fan of the band, it just felt wrong to relive the past by posting these reports now, no matter how good those moments had been then. And removing Richard‘s pics from them would be petty and childish.

Soooooo… why not using one of the remaining members’ birthday as an excuse and post his/her photos alone? ;) Robin Sjunnesson was the chosen one! Stort grattis, Rob! Hoppas du ha en underbar dag!

A heartfelt thank you to Soile, Mike and MJ. No matter what, I’ll be eternally grateful for those days. 


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