INVICTA X-MASSACRE IV @ Metalpoint, 2012/12/22

I’m not exactly the most frequent client Metalpoint has, but in these 5 years I’ve attended a fair share of events. And only two of them have been sold out – the first edition of Invicta X-Massacre in 2009 and this year’s.

I honestly don’t know why I insist in taking my camera to this kind of concert in this kind of place – it’s impossible for me to take good pics without risking breaking my bones in the massive mosh pit. But it’s that “violence” that measures the level of fun the crowd’s having. :)

This year’s guests were DAEMOGORGON. It had been a while since they’d played in Porto and, apparently, anywhere. And damn were they eager to be back! If memory serves me well, this was the 5th time I’ve seen them and definitely the best one – black/death metal is aggressive for itself, but there was something… more in their performance. I really liked it. And so did the audience, despite being a little too lazy yet to mosh around. They roared, headbanged… The circle only popped up in the last song, a BEHEMOTH cover. The rest of the songs were mostly taken from their 2010 EP “Chaos.Through.Phobia” – an EP they gave away to half a dozen people, as an advanced Christmas gift – and we had also the honour of listening first-hand to a new track that will be featured in the long-awaited debut album, which should see the light of day somewhere next year.

DSC_0987 copy

PITCH BLACK still haven’t found a permanent drummer, and therefore haven’t played live lately. In fact, I think this was the only gig they played this year – the first with Marco Silva officially as their new guitar player. Behind the drums stood Afonso Ribeiro from GATES OF HELL. Again. I think most people already see him as the drummer of both bands. I don’t even understand why the hell he isn’t. Francisco “Chico” Martins, the former drummer and one of the best in our underground, is also wondering the same, and his opinion is much more valid than mine. ;)

When I saw Chico there, I thought he was going to play a song or two, for old times sake. But him showing up was something of a last-minute call – he’s leaving to Germany and stopped by to say goodbye; wish you all the best, my dear friend. But they had another guest: Pedro Soares from WEB, who played a couple of songs (“New Life” and “Standards Of Perfection” if I’m not mistaken).

Now this gig, which started with excerpts of several speeches of our current Prime Minister – excerpts contradicting one another – was circle after circle from the first to the last minute. And I don’t know if it was me who just missed them for too long, but I felt that this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen by PITCH BLACK. Really, boys – get that drummer thing sorted out soon. We miss ya!

DSC_0069 DSC_0008 copy

WEB got on stage next, resuming the frenzy their fellow thrashers had started. Fernando Martins has always something funny say, like how that crowd was all he’d wished for Xmas… along with a microwave and stuff like that. :D

When “Last War” began, I looked at Miguel Inglês from EQUALEFT and tilted my head towards the stage. He shook a “no” with his head and continued leading the mosh hordes into chaos. But did he really think he could fool me? =P As soon as the people lifted him, crowdsurf-style, I just KNEW they would take him to the stage for him to sing the rest of the song.

Also Tiago Albernaz from PITCH BLACK was a guest on “(In)Sanity”, which he claimed to be one of his favourites while Nando assured us that it was the only one that Tiago knew. :XD:


My apologies to HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL but I couldn’t stand the heat anymore. Plus, gore/grind is more brutal, and so it would have been a lot harder to hold the camera – I quit. :P

The band released a new album last April, “Gorefilia”, which has been getting a lot of positive feedback. Ricardo Silva is back – or at least he was for this show – and so the vocals are stronger, closer to death metal than to dying squealing pigs… ;) Nah, really. Their sound is more mature now and even if you’re not a fan of the genre, you must admit it’s not just random noise.

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  1. Victor says:

    Well Done!!!
    Due the conditions very hard to do better …

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