OOMPH! @ Le Trabendo, 2012/10/12

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» Before reading about the concert itself, there are a few things you need to know first.

The ticket had one time only – 19:30. I assumed that was the opening of the doors. Wrong assumption, but which I was more convinced of since a few minutes before that time there was a line in front of Le Trabendo and a security guy blocking the passage. After all, he was just controlling the number of people who would descend the stairs at a time, even if the concert was about to start.

I had a photopass for this concert, but as it was a sold out gig, when I reached the bottom of the stairs no one was in the ticket booth. So I asked the security guy. Riiiiiight…. Even if photopass sounds pretty much the same in English as in French, I got a puzzled look and a shrug of shoulders in return. A friend of mine translated, but apparently he only said they weren’t checking the cameras. I wonder if I didn’t a have a ticket at all… But as I did and Blowsight were already playing, to hell with the photopass!

That’s why there are no photos of Oomph!Blowsight won over the audience completely, but I still could raise my camera above the hands in the air; in Oomph!’s show that was totally impossible. I was hoping to get my “photographic revenge” in the 3 following shows, but those were cancelled due an acute laryngitis of Oomph!-Dero. So this is what I’ve got for you.

I’d seen Oomph! live once, in 2001, and I’d enjoyed their gig pretty much. But now, 11 years later, saying simply that “I enjoyed” their concert is a total understatement.

11 is also the number of studio albums the band has released so far, the most recent in May, “Des Wahnsinns fette Beute”. Its first track“Unzerstörbar” kicked off the almost two hour show. The general outfit for this tour is the one of a sailor – even though singer Derochanged his clothes a few times during the set.

And just like Blowsight-Nick, also Dero addressed to the audience countless times, always with something funny to say.

Introducing “Mein Schatz”, for instance, he said the following song would be about The Lord Of The Rings, about something Gollum whispered. So if you didn’t know how to say “my precious” in German, now you do.

“Bis der Spiegel zerbricht” was for those people who claim to be searching for a chance to be musicians in tv shows such as “The X-Factor” but in truth are only seeking for fame. Something that Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden also said some time ago, but it was Judas Priest-Rob Halford that Dero mentioned later, before “Kleinstadtboy”, as being the original creator of the true heavy metal outfit, with all that leather found in a gay clothing shop (the song talks about gay discrimination).

It was also laughable the way he described a wall of death. He wanted one for “Mitten ins Herz” so in case people didn’t know what to do, he told them to open a tunnel between them and at his count of three, to run against each other “like crazy Texan cows”.

“Sandmann” was “dedicated” to the German Chanceller Angela Merkel. But first he also mentioned the French president François Hollande and asked the crowd if they didn’t agree that Hollande andMerkel were the perfect couple. He blamed Merkel and her politics (“Shame on you!”) for the poverty of millions of kids across Europe – the real dedicatory being to those children.

And in “Aus meiner Haut”, already in the encore, Dero showed up dressed as a woman, saying he had bought that dress from Carla Bruni, as they both had interests in common – they both liked transgenders.

Band and crowd were restless, jumping all the time – except in the ballads “Das weisses Licht”“Regen” and “Auf Kurs”. And in“Seemannrose” where instead of jumping the fans danced as “true Bavarians”. The French also showed they were quite good at German, singing loudly the numbers of the pre-chorus in “Augen auf!”. But in general they sang all along, from the early stuff as “Mein Herz” (“the first song we wrote as Oomph!, when we decided to exchange the guitars for the synthesizers”) to the brand new single “Zwei Schritte vor”. Before ending the show with, “Gott ist ein Popstar” (“’cause God is the real popstar”), Dero introduced the band.

It was an amazing show on all sides – support act, headliners and audience – and I understand why both bands said Paris had been the best crowd so far (“You’re too beautiful to have people like Paris Hiltonnamed after you”, said Dero).

That night the German singer was already suffering from the aforementioned laryngitis, having climbed on stage full on cortisone. One could never tell! I tip my hat to his brilliant performance, especially under those circumstances, and I wish him a fast and total recovery.«


As I don’t have photos, I searched on youtube for some videos:

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5 Responses to OOMPH! @ Le Trabendo, 2012/10/12

  1. kantellis says:

    ooooooh i do like them! i think i will have to check them out now cos there are many titles i don’t know ^^ (“augen auf!” i simply loooooooooooove!!!)
    it’s strange, you know, every band i listen to enough to check some interviews is saying that they love paris, that it’s magical and so on. the 69 eyes were just amazing and unforgettable in paris ^^

    • Pieni says:

      Yes, you should see them! It’s an amazing band that turns even more amazing when playing live 😉

      Well, both bands were very well received by the crowd, so I totally understand their love for Paris. The concerts were awesome, but that mess in the beginning that made me miss the first minutes of Blowsight, and the fact that I practically only listened to Oomph!, as I lost sight of the stage because of the people pressing so hard… That left quite a negative mark in my memory 😛

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