THE CULT @ Marés Vivas TMN, 2012/07/19

To say this gig disappointed me is an understatement. But then again, it wasn’t really a surprise.

I’ve always liked THE CULT and Ian Astbury, the singer – but was never much into Ian Astbury, the diva… Nuff said?

Still, I had a little hope. In 2006 the gig in Coliseu do Porto was awesome – despite Astbury‘s drunkenness and arrogance, he gave himself to the music. But this time I had the feeling that he was just doing his job and counting the minutes to punch the clock.

I was looking forward for the mandatory classics, and I got them – from “Lil’ Devil” to “Love Removal Machine”, going through “Rain” and “She Sells Sanctuary”… But what the hell was Astbury singing?! If “singing” is the right word for some of them. It felt more like mumbling. He would later say something about the Indians and I thought “Ah! Maybe he’s singing in Navajo!”  :P 

Regarding the new songs, they don’t convince me. Period.

And what’s with the tambourine?! You can barely hear the thing underneath the other instruments. Has Astbury got to such a point where he needs such “toys” to keep himself busy on stage? ‘Cause his body moved quite a lot… in the same freaking place!

Yet this gig got some comments on Facebook like “THE CULT FOREVER :heart:, “THE CULT ARE THE BEST!”… Me? If it wasn’t for GUN, I’d still be crying for the money I paid for that ticket. What can I say? Opinions and taste – everyone has their own.

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