THE HIVES @ Marés Vivas TMN, 2012/07/21

Miguel Vieira was the reporter assigned to cover the Marés Vivas TMN festival for Backstage Music Forum. But he had a wedding on the last day of the fest. Sandra Manuel, the photographer, asked me if I could go with her then and write the report, even though the bands weren’t my cup of tea AT ALL. But I knew THE HIVES are famous for their live shows so at least that one would be fun. Well that’s an understatement :D I was expecting a great show, but I wasn’t prepared for THAT. Now I’m hoping to get the chance to see them again, preferably in their own headlining show.

Here’s the English version of what I wrote on the report about them, originally posted here:

» Swedish THE HIVES proved (once again) that they didn’t get the title of “one of the best live rock bands” in vain. Even those who don’t appreciate garage rock must admit this was the most electrifying concert of the night.

With a 5th album out, “Lex Hives”, this gig was both to promote it as to remember classics as “Walk Idiot Walk”, “Main Offender” or “the national anthem” (using Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist own words), “Hate To Say I Told You So”.

It’s usual for foreign bands to learn how to say “obrigado” (thank you), but the charismatic singer went beyond that and surprised us with “gritem” (scream), “saltem” (jump) and “batam palmas” (clap your hands). Only when introducing the band, on his turn, did he need to check his notes so he could say “número um” (number one) while pointing to himself.

Chris Dangerous was introduced as “50% man, 50% machine, 50% animal – 150% drummer”, and the good spirits went on with “and what would drums be without bass. Maybe the WHITE STRIPES, before introducing Dr. Matt Destruction. The latter would be replaced by a fan, Miguel, in “Hate To Say I Told You So”. The boy was holding a sign where he asked “please, please, please” to play bass in that song, to which the band said yes, after Pelle asked the audience’s opinion,

“How many of you are seeing THE HIVES for the first time?” – a sea of arms raised. “And how many think this won’t be the last time they’ll see THE HIVES?”. To this, the arms were a little fewer, so Pelle promised “we’ll get you next time”.

By the middle of the last song, “Tick Tick Boom”, Pelle told us to sit down, once again in Portuguese. His accent wasn’t perfect but everyone understood him, of course – the hesitation was probably due to the astonishment and also because beaten ground isn’t exactly the cleanest floor. “Am I saying it wrong? Sen-tem-se (sit-do-wn). Okay, let’s try this then: SIT THE FUCK DOWN!”. They finally did it, but got on their feet again almost immediately, when Pelle said that the sooner they sat down, the sooner they would leave and Anastacia would be there. This proof of loyalty made Pelle smile even wider than when he asked the crowd to scream real loud, to show how much they loved him.

“20.000 excited Portuguese and 5 excited Swedes” put up a memorable party. «

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5 Responses to THE HIVES @ Marés Vivas TMN, 2012/07/21

  1. las artes says:

    VIENNA, Va., June 22, 2012 — It was early 2002 when the Hives’ second album, Veni Vidi Vicious, started to get recognition and play in the United States. It was a little strange to see an album by a Swedish punk band released nearly two years prior, making such an impact in this country. Contemporaries of the Hives had made headway in the States, but usually with underground and niche appeal. But, on the back of their single “Hate to Say I Told You So,” the Hives exploded.

  2. The Hives are definitely a creative group (and a bunch of freakin nice guys, by the way), and everything about them from their stage names to their website to their videos reflects that. We can’t wait to see what they’ll get into once their Thingiverse page goes up next week. If you want to know when that happens, follow us on twitter @makerbot , and be sure to check in at Thingiverse . In the meantime, you can start thinking what you might like to mash their heads up with.

  3. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    The Hives Rock all the Wayyyy

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