BLOWSIGHT @ Debaser Slussen, 2012/04/08

I love music. From sleaze to thrash, going through some goth, I listen a little bit of everything. So the list of bands that I enjoy is endless. But there are two above all the others, two that share in equal parts the gold medal on the podium of my favourite bands – SONIC SYNDICATE and BLOWSIGHT.

The trip to Stockholm had been planned a couple of weeks before the Easter concert was announced, and I swear I looked at the date some 3 times to make sure I was seeing it clearly – to make sure I didn’t need to reschedule my flights and hostel booking ;)

I rode along the Official French Support, a.k.a. Skully Gang, and we had a blast! It was only my 4th gig, but the girls had seen them more than a dozen times. So when I say this was the best BLOWSIGHT gig I’ve seen and they agree, it must mean something :)

My written Swedish is okay-ish. My spoken Swedish is a disaster. So apart from Nick saying something about being a long time since they’d last played in their hometown, I can’t tell you much about what the boys said on stage. But I can assure you they were all in a very good mood and the crowd was cheerful.

Although I’ve been a devoted fan since 2009, the first time I had the chance to see them live was late 2010, when they were already promoting “Dystopia Lane”. Meaning I missed the promotion of “Destination: Terrorville” and never had the chance to see live some of the songs that made me fall in love with them in the first place. This show would ammend that.

“I Wish You 666” is still their track-of-choice to kick off the gig, and “Three Words (Under Ordinary)” followed suit. Then the first blast-from-the-past came in the form of “How I Get What I Deserve” (in which I looked at Nyny with a smile, as she recently tattooed on her back a few lines from this song).

I think it was after this one, or maybe “Miracle”, that Nick switched languages, speaking English because there were people who had come “all the way from France and all the way from Portugal” just to see them :aww:

A few more songs from “Destination…”“introducing Mr. Mao in “All That Is Wrong” – and in the end of “Over The Surface” Seb hitched the chords of “Bus Girl”. Despite that beautiful song being featured on the setlist, Nick found a way of keep singing “Over The Surface”, so “Bus Girl” ended there and wasn’t more than a brief instrumental passage. Another ballad came up: “Days Of Rain”.

Then they engaged on the songs from the “Shed Evil” EP and I thought they wouldn’t go back again (except for “The Simple Art”, for the finale), so I believed I wouldn’t listen – again – to my favourite “Terrorville”. But I DID! :boogie:

For “Bandit For Life”, Nick told us “ladies from France and Portugal, you know what to do”. But everybody did. Also the girls had come up with a choreography for B-A-N-D-I-T that I was supposed to learn, but I didn’t have the time for it :( Pardon, darlings. You did great without me anyway ;)

Jason Rouse returned on stage, asking if we wanted more “Blowlight” (I still don’t know if it was another of his jokes or if he really didn’t know the name of the band) and then the boys resumed their gig with “Poker Face” and “The Simple Art (Of Making You Mine)” :heart:

It seems the concert had been this close to be cancelled, as both Nick and Fabz had been sick with a terrible flu! We were amazed because no one could tell so, given the extraordinary gig they’ve performed! Guess “high voltage rock’n’roll” is the cure :D

The boys will now lay low for a while, to finish the successor to “Dystopia Lane”. Nick said some time ago on Facebook that they “would make Fabz sweat a lot”, so I think it’s fair to say they’ll continue down the heavy path that “Shed Evil” started on. Really looking forward to that, as well as the tour which will support it. If things turn out as they’re hoping for (fingers crossed!), that will happen later this fall. I’m already saving money for it ;)

Here are some pics, whose quality is directly inverse to the concert’s:

The Skully Gang – July, Naïs & Nyny:

Sunny & Snappy, the furry fans:

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13 Responses to BLOWSIGHT @ Debaser Slussen, 2012/04/08

  1. Lightzone says:

    Fall tour hmm?
    Well then, start saving money it is.
    And every finger crossed for a UK leg of said tour, that’s be great.

  2. Lightzone says:

    that would*
    Much as I like Germany, England is THAT much cheaper ^^

  3. MIG-EQUALEFT says:

    like it 🙂

    A good Review of a band that I enjoy listening 🙂

    I Wish 666 to you Cous ahahahha

  4. kantellis says:

    it seens that despite being headbanging, hard music fans we just love the cute guys with nice voices ^^
    oooooooooooooooooooooh, it must have been sooo cool to be noticed by the band! lucky you! ^^

    • Pieni says:

      Nick’s voice is much more than just “nice” 😉 And their music ROCKS ^^ You should listen to them, Kati 😉

      They don’t have to thank us, because we just LOVE seeing them perform and so we make these trips with great pleasure, but of course it always feel good ^^

      • kantellis says:

        there are so many bands i would like to listen to! but maybe, one day… i certainly heard them on bandit! ^^
        which reminds me… damn, i missed the release of moonspell’s new album! i hope they’ll still have the 2cd version in shops on monday! ^^

        i love bands that atone fans’ davotion ^^

  5. Pieni says:

    Especially since they have a song about Bandit radio *giggles*

    Good luck with the Moonspell cd. But I’m sure you’ll find it 😉


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