DUNDERBEIST @ Hard Club, 2012/11/18


To say I knew little about these guys before the show is an understatement. I’d seen a picture, half a video, and knew from Wikipedia that they were Norwegian and the name meant “thunder beast”. But something told me I was going to have fun. Oh boy did I have it!

I’m sure Torgrim Torve, the lead singer, introduced some of the songs, but I honestly don’t remember. All I remember is him repeatedly shouting “DUNDERBEIST!” for us to scream after him. Of course it took us some time to understand that’s what he wanted – at first we thought he was just doing it in a warcry of sorts, then that he was trying to imprint the name in our brains… Eventually we got it and started shouting it just as enthusiastically as he did, but the applauses and roars of approval had been there from the start – Torgrim knew it had been just a little communication problem.

“It smells like weed”, he said at some point. “Smells good!”.

And he also said that they had a new album which would be released precisely the following day. It’s called “Black Arts & Crooked Tails” and it’s already their 4th full-length. As I said, I don’t know which songs were played, but since “Fear And Loathing” and “More Me” have official videos on YouTube (go check them out!), I bet they were both featured in the setlist.

DUNDERBEIST is an electric jolt of heavy rock, dressed in black & white and TURBONEGRO-Duke of Nothing make-up on. Too bad they only played for half an hour.


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