EQUALEFT @ STRAIGHT FROM WITHIN release party, 2012/09/22

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» Equaleft got on stage at 21:30, which is somewhat early for an underground concert around here. So the band was quite surprised to see how many people were there already, raising hell right from the first song, “Alone In Emptiness”. Personally, I was counting on that –Equaleft has built a considerable fan base in the last couple of years, both because of their groovier distinct sound and their hyped-up live performances. And after seeing them on stage so many times before, I can say this has been the best concert so far! With only half an hour to play, they managed to compact 8 songs by playing them fast and furiously, almost without a break.

When introducing “Uncover The Masks”, singer Miguel made the crowd scream every syllable of the title, and in “Suffer No More” the screaming happened during the chorus. The set ended with the mandatory “Invigorate”Miguel orchestrating the mosh circles with a Jedi lightsaber. And after putting it down, he couldn’t leave the stage without crowdsurfing a little. «




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