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BOOBY TRAP @ Vagos Metal Fest, 2018/08/09

Originally shot for Glam Magazine. The latest edition of Vagos Metal Fest not only lasted one day more than ever before, it also featured more bands per day – meaning the daily opening hour had to suffer some changes as … Continue reading

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NULL POSITIV @ Hard Club, 2018/02/21

Originally posted on Valkyrian Music. Female singer as well, but completely different posture, NULL POSITIV followed suit. That so-German alternative, post-industrial sound which “recognizes the signs of the times”, to quote their own motto. Even if Elli Berlin joined THERION on stage to … Continue reading

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THE END OF GRACE @ Klubb Defused, 2017/12/08

This gallery contains 60 photos.

Back in 2013, I flew to Stockholm exclusively to attend THE END OF GRACE‘s live debut (see here). Four years later I was flying to Göteborg for another of their gigs – my 7th – but I was totally unaware … Continue reading

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THE END OF GRACE’s “Infinite Shadows Of Memories”

Originally posted on Valkyrian Music. Where I come from there’s a saying that goes something like “who awaits always achieves”. And then someone twisted it, creating a new and pretty negative version, that says “who awaits gets desperate”. The latter … Continue reading

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BOOBY TRAP @ Metalpoint, 2017/09/15

Despite their almost 25-year-old career, this was the first time I was seeing BOOBY TRAP – therefore my high expectations. Expectations that weren’t met… at all. Good posture, no doubt, but I like my music a little less chaotic… They’d … Continue reading

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AND THEN SHE CAME @ Vagos Metal Fest, 2017/08/11

Original Portuguese version on Glam Magazine. Maybe for the die-hard metalheads to take a break, things cooled down hugely when German AND THEN SHE CAME got on stage. Not that it was a dull gig, not at all, but their dynamism … Continue reading

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UGLY KID JOE @ AgitÁgueda, 2017/07/14

This gallery contains 69 photos.

Original Portuguese version on Glam Magazine. Águeda has welcomed a wide and diverse range of artists – famous and on their way to become it – since 2006. In this year’s edition, representing rock/garage, we had Californian UGLY KID JOE … Continue reading

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BLAME ZEUS’ “Theory Of Perception” release party @ Hard Club, 2017/03/04

This gallery contains 42 photos.

Third is the charm and the third band on stage was the most anticipated one. As a reviewer, I had the honor of listening to “Theory Of Perception” in advance, but to the majority of the crowd this was the … Continue reading

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GODVLAD @ Vagos Metal Fest, 2016/08/14

This gallery contains 51 photos.

Original Portuguese version at Glam Magazine. GODVLAD‘s alternative metal kicked off the festivities on the second day. Once again the promoters chose a name not much in vogue but capable of surprising, both for the peculiar sound and the striking … Continue reading

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QUINTETO EXPLOSIVO @ Laurus Nobilis Música Famalicão, 2016/07/22

This gallery contains 45 photos.

Originally posted in Valkyrian Music. QUINTETO EXPLOSIVO is Portuguese for “explosive quintet”. If that doesn’t hint you about their goofiness, check out the Deadpool and Captain America outfits… The lyrics are also mischievous, full of offensive slang, and while some are pure … Continue reading

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