CABBRA @ 5th anniversary of Hard Rock Cafe Porto, 2021/11/21

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


Five years of Hard Rock Cafe Porto – five bands to celebrate it, in an event scheduled to start at 5 p.m. (although I believe this was due to “pandemic logistics”…).

CABBRA‘s Facebook page describes them as “non-metal” but my ears heard pretty much of that alternative metal à la CLAWFINGER. Let’s stick with just “alternative”.

About two months prior, their debut EP “Hakona Masmata” was released (yes, an adaptation to theme from “The Lion King” – the artwork itself depicting a zombified warthog and what seems like a skeleton of a meerkat – bearing the same message that we all have our own worth, but no musical relation whatsoever) and here they had the chance to promote it live. André Costa is a very expressive lead singer, and being the bass fan that I am, I also have to highlight the excellent work of Bruno Henriques in this department; but the whole band deserves an approval stamp – even after a mistake that no one noticed until André himself mentioned it (“it was on purpose”). Regarding tracks, I recommend “Pretty Song”, “Sentient” and “Best Friend”.


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