THE END OF GRACE @ Klubb Defused, 2017/12/08


Back in 2013, I flew to Stockholm exclusively to attend THE END OF GRACE‘s live debut (see here). Four years later I was flying to Göteborg for another of their gigs – my 7th – but I was totally unaware that this would be the last.

With Glen Gilbert on the clean vocals and the release of “Infinite Shadows Of Memories” (review here), TEoG wrote a new chapter and decided to leave the previous ones in the past, revisiting only the page where “Beneath The Waves” had been written – after all, it’s still their biggest hit and everyone sang along. The new songs were equally welcomed, but people didn’t seem to know the lyrics yet. :D

I’ve been there since the beginning, through all the line-up changes and shaping stages of their sound, so even if I was sad when, a month later, they called it quits, I was also thankful for having played my part in their history. The grace may have literally ended, but I know something else will follow suit and I’m looking forward to see what that will be. “We ride with pride, we ride until we die”:heart:

THE END OF GRACE, 2012/12/05 – 2018/01/09

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