BOOBY TRAP @ Metalpoint, 2017/09/15


Despite their almost 25-year-old career, this was the first time I was seeing BOOBY TRAP – therefore my high expectations. Expectations that weren’t met… at all. Good posture, no doubt, but I like my music a little less chaotic… They’d released their third album, “Overloaded”, the previous year, so I guess that’s where they focused their gig the most.

It’s not exactly accurate to say it was a bad concert, but I was extremely disappointed, sorry.


About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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2 Responses to BOOBY TRAP @ Metalpoint, 2017/09/15

  1. Pedro Azevedo says:

    I really enjoyed that show. Thanks for great pictures BTW, keep up the good work Renata.

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