2013: gold, silver and bronze medals

This past year was a bit richer than the previous one. In 2013 I’ve been to 35 shows with exactly 120 performances, in the cities of Porto, Lisboa, Moita, Vagos, Madrid, London, Stockholm and Göteborg. And also on a cruise between Stockholm and Riga! Cool, uh? Out of those 120, there were many amazing gigs, but here are the ones that made it to my top-3:



2nd THE END OF GRACE, Rockbitch Boat, Baltic Sea


3rd HYPOCRISY, Hard Club, Porto (PT)


Then there were some bands that I barely knew and wasn’t prepared at all for such great concerts! Top-3 of surprises in 2013:

1st SISTER, Sala Caracol, Madrid (ES)


2nd JUNKSTARS, Debaser Slussen, Stockholm (SE)


3rd BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION, The Underworld, London (UK)


I must also express my disappointment regarding the following:

1st TRISTANIA, Hard Club, Porto (PT)


2nd WHITESNAKE, Palacio Vistalegre, Madrid (ES)


3rd ANSWERS WITHIN, Hard Club, Porto (PT)


Now in terms of studio releases, these babies blew me away (and still do):

1st THE END OF GRACE, “Lost In Transition”


2nd FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, “The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell – Vol. 1”


3rd HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, “C’mon Take On Me”


I’ve always liked music videos that tell a story, like a mini-movie. But that’s not a mandatory feature. This year’s bronze medal, for instance. There’s something about them punching each other, and the detail of Seb showing in the door frame while Nick sings “you’re the goddess of charm” is just priceless. And, of course, I loved the pun with the word “hit”:

1st THE DEFILED, “Unspoken”

2nd DEMENTIA 13 “There Are Those Who Kill Violently”

3rd BLOWSIGHT “Hit On The Radio”


Guess it’s no surprise to say THE END OF GRACE;) They are at full speed with the preparation of their debut full-length album and I can’t wait to see its outcome! I’m seeing them in February, around the time when the new single “Beneath The Waves” should be released, so hopefully that will be included in the set-list.

SONIC SYNDICATE are back! They’ve been writing new material and the successor to “We Rule The Night” should see the light of day somewhere this year. I’m hoping for a couple of live shows as well. ;)

Like I said, SISTER was a good surprise. They’re releasing their second album next month so I’ll make sure to check it out.

The EQUALEFT album wasn’t released last year after all. Portuguese people – always late for everything. Sometimes I wonder how that Treaty Of Windsor, back in 1386, is still standing, given that we’re exactly the opposite of our allies… Anyway, it will be out this Spring (or that’s the plan) and it will be called “Adapt & Survive”:)

MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY have also been in the studio. J. Bergman says it’s going to sound somewhat different… Let’s see.

I was also waiting for PLAN THREE‘s part 2 of “The Signal”, which didn’t happen. Maybe this year?

DEATHSTARS… this is probably the most unreliable band ever when it comes to releases, so despite having seen on Facebook that they were in the studio, I don’t know if I should expect a new album this year or not. :D But as I’m going to see them live in London in March, my expectations are high at least regarding that. ;)

Another live show I’m looking forward to is FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. Saw them in November, but merely as an opening act for AVENGED SEVENFOLD. Of course they kicked ass, but I wanted so much more! I’ll get my wish on March 31st, London as well.

I don’t know if it’s too early to ask for new music from BLOWSIGHT, as “Life & Death” was released in October 2012, but I saw something about a new song, a new cover… it’s a start. :D

I think this will be a great year in music, but whatever 2014 brings me, I’ll be telling you about it. ;)

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