ANSWERS WITHIN @ Hard Club, 2013/10/11

Original Portuguese version at Sound(/)Zone.

» Hard Club’s Room #2 was going to host a trance night, starting at 1 a.m., so it was expected that the No Barriers Tour event would start on time. But soccer spoke louder and ANSWERS WITHIN started their show at 22:00.

And “show” is the right word, given the somewhat circus attitude of this punk band. The scarce audience wasn’t exactly nice either, leaning against the walls and leaving a clearing in front of the stage, almost giving the impression of an empty room. Still, singing the main riff of SLAYER‘s “Raining Blood” countless times wasn’t the best way to win them over.

This lack of reaction made the disappointment grow in the youngsters of ANSWERS WITHIN, who decided not to take the concert too seriously. On the other hand, a quick look at their Facebook page, at their interests and influences, that seems to be their general philosophy – to go clown. Maybe in another environment. where their punk/melodic hardcore (using their own words) isn’t so out of place, they will reveal themselves as a good band within that genre. But that night, that wasn’t the impression they’ve left at all. «

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