SISTER @ Sala Caracol, 2013/05/21

SISTER is much more my thing, even though I didn’t know them. Sure I’ve heard/read about them, probably on Sweden Rock Magazine, but for some reason I’d never got myself to listen to them. After this show, I’ll certainly keep close tabs on them, impatiently waiting for the follow-up to “Hated”, which was released precisely two years ago. Unlike SLEEKSTAIN, SISTER imprinted a lot of songs in my memory, songs that I know now to be called “The Unlucky Minority”, “Bullshit & Blackstabbing”, “Hated”, “Spit On Me” and “Too Bad For You”. And of course the ballad “Would You Love A Creature”, but singer Jamie introduced that one, so I learnt the title on the spot.

Read a local review where the journalist was saying SISTER had been the disappointment of the night, with a total lack of coordination  between the musicians and a voice that kept failing. Either he can’t dissociate his personal tastes from the truth, or we weren’t at the same gig… Dissonance? Maybe. What do you expect from a sleaze punk band anyway? The vocal breakdowns, I honestly didn’t notice, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. This is the kind of music where a clean and even voice least matters. This is for the reckless noise lovers. Fun is the key word. And fun was what I saw across the majority of the faces in the crowd, who screamed the lyrics and danced along, so I guess that so-called journalist was the one who failed.

Another thing the guy mentioned was the “disgusting” moment when Jamie spat to the air and caught the spit back in his mouth. Okay, that was somewhat gross, but there’s the punk attitude again and the song was called “Spit On Me”, so… =P

“We’re SISTER from Sweden! We hate you!”, the latter three words apparently being their motto. Well boys I loved your show and I’m not ashamed of saying so. :D


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