TRISTANIA @ Hard Club, 2013/11/17

Originally shot for Backstage Forum.

tristaniaI know that diversity is the spice of life, but some lines shouldn’t be crossed. A band such as TRISTANIA opening for DARK TRANQUILLITY is just wrong. It seems the gig in Lisbon was good, though – maybe they had more fans there than here – but in Porto they simply didn’t convince the majority of the crowd. Maybe that also demotivated them a bit, but still… I don’t know. There was something terribly off about that gig.

Mariangela was trying too hard, jumping and headbanging… when the music didn’t require all that energy. Same with bass player Ole. I’m all about living our emotions, but as long as they’re for real… Kjetil, on the other hand, was too somber, and the dull way in which he came on and off the stage, whenever it was his turn to sing, it was just unnerving. As for Anders, the only original member still in the band, seemed to be there out of duty and not passion.

The sound didn’t help. Too messy. But then again, the music itself isn’t exactly the best in the genre. Not that I’m an expert in symphonic metal, but I have my share of knowledge.

They focused on their latest album “Darkest White”, starting with “Numbers” and finishing with “Requiem”, which apparently was kind of a two-edged sword for the few old-school fans – it seems they don’t like the new direction of the band, but they preferred to hear the new songs than to listen to Mariangela “kill the classics” (to quote someone who used to love TRISTANIA) such as she did that night with “Beyond The Veil”



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