BLOWSIGHT @ Le Trabendo, 2012/10/12

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» Before reading about the concert itself, there are a few things you need to know first.

The ticket had one time only – 19:30. I assumed that was the opening of the doors. Wrong assumption, but which I was more convinced of since a few minutes before that time there was a line in front of Le Trabendo and a security guy blocking the passage. After all, he was just controlling the number of people who would descend the stairs at a time, even if the concert was about to start.

I had a photopass for this concert, but as it was a sold out gig, when I reached the bottom of the stairs no one was the ticket booth. So I asked the security guy. Riiiiiight…. Even if photopass sounds pretty much the same in English as in French, I got a puzzled look and a shrug of shoulders in return. A friend of mine translated, but apparently he only said they weren’t checking the cameras. I wonder if I didn’t a have a ticket at all… But as I did and Blowsight were already playing, to hell with the photopass!

That’s why this report has only waist up – Blowsight won over the audience completely, but I still could raise my camera above the hands in the air. I was hoping to get my “photographic revenge” in the 3 following shows, but those were cancelled due an acute laryngitis of Oomph!-Dero. So this is what I’ve got for you.

As I said, Blowsight were already playing “This Pain” when I finally got in. This is one of the new songs, from the album which will hit the stores on October 26th, “Life & Death”. I thought they’d be promoting it a bit more, but only two songs from it were played: this one, which is the heaviest, and “Hit On The Radio” (the new single), which is the most pop-ish and set everyone on dance-mode.

But the crowd’s wick had been lit up practically since the beginning – on “Miracle”, the second song, almost everybody clapped their hands to the rhythm of Mao’s bass when singer Nick told them to. It’s nearly impossible not to be carried away by the energy these Swedes discharge on stage, even if you’d never heard of them before.

Which wasn’t the case of many, actually. Even if Oomph! had been the main reason for the gig to sell out (twice, as the original venue sold out too quickly and so they decided to exchange it for a bigger one), a good bunch of people were there for Blowsight alone, and a lot more for both bands. Them singing along in the choruses of most songs (not just Lady Gaga’s cover of “Poker Face”) was the proof of such.

And Nick is very talkative and has this funny and persuasive way of saying thing. Can’t remember which song it was, but clapping was again mandatory, so Nick raised his guitar saying that if he could do it while holding something, then so could they while holding their beers.“Do I sense a moshpit?”, before “Thought Of Bride”, was a subtle request that was avidly granted. Oomph! are sleeping in the back. What do you say of waking them up?” – the venue was located in a park, so I can’t say the roar woke up the neighbours, but I bet some birds must have flown away. And when the crowd started to chant loudly the band’s name, Nick said it would be pretty cool to have that as his alarm clock.

“Poke Face” was a Nick-says-jump-you-say-how-high kind of situation, and the show ended with their anthem “The Simple Art Of Making You Mine”. «

The boys signed my copy of “Life & Death” in the end:

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  1. Ida says:

    I love it! : ) Great photos!

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