ECHIDNA @ STRAIGHT FROM WITHIN release party, 2012/09/22

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» Last year Echidna released their own second album, “Dawn Of The Sociopath”, already with Capela on vocals. But for one reason or another, I’d never managed to see him with the band until that night. I already knew him from Damnull, and from getting on stage precisely with Revolution Within before that, to growl in the chorus of“Monsters And Demons” or “Surrounded By Evil”. So I knew how excellent his voice is, how expressive he is on stage… I knew how well I would enjoy it.

Me and the crowd, who once again was relentless. More recent songs such as “Commanded By Demons” and oldies like “Purifier”sponsored the moshers and the headbangers. Every time the chorus of “Evolution: Reload” was near, Capela would turn his microphone to the crowd and someone would always scream his/her lungs out. «

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