Revisited: BACKYARD BABIES @ Music Box, 2008/09/30

Music Box, Lisbon, is exactly that – a box. But I like the rock vibe in it. Plus, for bands that aren’t very big around here – or not big enough to make loads of people get out of the house in a week night – the place fills up quickly and about 100 guys and gals create that cozy feeling of a sold-out venue. As the band we’re talking about in this specific case was BACKYARD BABIES, supported by BULLET, the place got cozy and wild.

It wasn’t the first time BYB were playing in Portugal, but it was the first time I was seeing them. And before the show I managed an autograph from Nicke Borg, as he was having dinner in the same restaurant me and my friend were. At first I didn’t want to disturb him – the man was eating, for Christ sake – but since so many others didn’t care about that, and I eventually noticed the food wasn’t on his table yet (just the wine), I asked him to sign my ticket.

The sirens on the amps lit up and started to wail, alarm-fashion. Then “Come Undone” set off the gig.

“Fuck Off And Die”, “Degenerated”, “The Clash”, “Star War”, “Look At You”… With all these hits, many people still think it’s weird that my all-time favourite is “Highlights”. But what can I say? I AM weird. :D So when they played it, it was… well, it was the hightlight of the show for me. :XD:

The “regular” set ended with “Nomadic” and then Nicke came back alone to start the encore with “Saved By The Bell”. The rest of the boys joined in for “Minus Celsius”, and “Bombed” finished an amazing night.

I drove back the 3-something-hour ride to Porto (arriving in Lisbon, looking for Music Box and a parking spot had taken 4 and a half), got home around 5 a.m., sick, my temperature reaching 39º, and I still managed to get to the office at 9:30, with a big smile on my face. Rock’n’roll makes that to you. ;)

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