RCA @ Metalpoint, 2012/07/20

RCA (Real Companhia dos Animais) is a cover band from Seixal. Why was a cover band chosen to open for MNEMIC? Well, it’s not just any cover band: the members are or were in major national bands (for instance, singer/bass player Sérgio “Animal” Duarte is in RE:AKTOR, guitarist Ricardo Mendonça plays in R.A.M.P. …). And then, as Animal himself said, they were there “to start a party”. So instead of a DJ, we had a band playing live the hymns of our childhood.

We heard IRON MAIDEN, SLAYER, PANTERA, METALLICA…  Now, METALLICA has been my pet hate for a few years now (last year they were dethroned by a certain Swedish guy, but they’re still my pet hate #2). But since RCA chose some of their best songs and performed a medley instead of covering a full song, I actually found that cool and had a blast. I still think they could have covered some MEGADETH, though.

After introducing the other band members, when saying “and here in the centre”, everyone was expecting Animal to introduce himself. But no! On his mic stand, hung a Diddlina plushie – the girlfriend of that “jumping mouse” German cartoon, Diddl. Animal introduced her simply as “Rata” (Portuguese for female mouse), adding that every guy should have one and there was no “rata” like our own. This may not make any sense to you. But if I tell you that in Portuguese “rata” has the same double meaning that “pussy” has in English, then you’ll get the joke ;)

They finished their happy set with “the hymn”: MOTÖRHEAD‘s “Ace Of Spades”. :)



Diddlina, a rata:

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