RCA’s “2811” release party @ Metalpoint, 2017/02/11


I’ve known RCA for quite a while – saw them at this exact same venue 5 years ago (read about it here) – but I confess my jaw dropped a little when singer/bassist Sérgio said they’d been around for 17 years.

They’ve broaden their horizons, not covering just metal songs anymore; and while ULTRAVOX‘s “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” was a wonderful surprise, bringing up sweet childhood memories, ALICE IN CHAINS and FAITH NO MORE were a bit of a downer. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like those bands, and “Ashes To Ashes”, the FNM song they’ve chosen, is one of my favorites, but when watching a cover band live you expect a party, so something more upbeat would have been better. And as if to prove I’m right on this, when they introduced the only original song “Pitas (Com Umas Grandes Tetas)” (chicks with big boobs), which has a very punk-ish rhythm – plus the really catchy chorus – the crowd went bananas. So more of that next time, please. :D

And I can’t wrap this up without mentioning guitarist Rui Lopes‘ outstanding cover of MARILYN MANSON‘s “Beautiful People”. If you had your eyes closed, you could almost swear you were listening to the original. :)

RCA Facebook page


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