MNEMIC @ Metalpoint, 2012/07/20

I was there when MNEMIC played in Porto in 2007 but didn’t watch the show – just heard it. The incident where I’d broken my knee had happened some 2 1/2 months before, I still needed a pair of crutches to walk, and Paulo from CONCEALMENT (one of the supporting acts) got me a chair in the back of the venue and didn’t let me out of it. Sweet, but no fun at all.

I had my revenge now, 5 years later ;)

As you can see on the last pic, they went through all their discography while promoting the new album “Mnemesis”. Great guys and musicians – always amused, smiling to the cameras or making funny faces, and also very powerful and professional. After “Deathbox” the crowd still wanted more. That didn’t happen, but the guys hanged around a bit, taking pics and giving autographs :)

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2 Responses to MNEMIC @ Metalpoint, 2012/07/20

  1. Victor Matos says:

    A vingaça serve-se sempre com boas fotos!!!!

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