RUSSIAN CIRCLES @ Hard Club, 2012/05/22

Original Portuguese version here:

» The crowd got a lot more “clustered” for RUSSIAN CIRCLES. There was no more empty spaces in the front and middle lines, as everyone wanted to stand closer to the stage. Only near the exit door it was possible to breathe freely.

Promoting their latest album, “Empros”, they still started off with a track from their debut – “Carpe”, taken from “Enter” (2006).

If the idea of an instrumental concert may sound boring to you, then clearly you don’t know RUSSIAN CIRCLES. The dexterity which Mike Sullivan and Brian Cook work the strings and pedals with, and the sharp beat provided by Dave Turncrantz, result in a set of sounds so intense that discards the need for any voice.

From the new album they played “309”, “Batu” and “Mládek”; among the older, “Geneva”, “Harper Lewis” and “Youngblood”; and for the encore they went back to “Enter”, with “Death Rides A Horse”.

It wasn’t at all the band’s first visit to Portugal, and given the enthusiasm of the crowd, they have every reason to be willing to return in the future. «

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