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» “Power Dive” is the second full-length of German VOICES OF DESTINY, two years after the release of their debut (“From The Ashes”).

Their symphonic heavy metal is that one of a more progressive orientation than power metal. As it became usual in this kind of band, the main voice is a soprano female, while a growling male voice sings second vocals. Maike Holzmann plays her part very well, sometimes sounding more angelic than soprano, but in a very controlled way, not hurting our ears. The same I can’t say about Lucas Palme. Contrasts are always a good idea but within certain limits, and that just doesn’t happen here. Not only the harshness in Palme‘s voice is too much, as I believe he has no training whatsoever – he simply gets to the microphone and screams. Yes, we can say it’s yet another contrast with Maike‘s discipline, but personally, I would like the male parts a little bit more polished.

“My Separation” for the first promo-video was the right choice, as it’s one of the strongest tracks, if not the strongest. The instrumental sounds pretty simple, actually, but the musicians “attack” in such a frenzy that for a moment “black metal” crosses our mind. Maike‘s voice follows a path of its own, different from the tone of the guitars and keys, and I believe that’s what caught my attention – this contrast now is pleasant. In the chorus she engages in the melody, pairing up with it, and I also like the detail of a second voice overlaid, from Maike herself but singing in a different tone.

In the title-track we distinguish the angelic tone I’ve mentioned before, and a more heavy metal music. But the metal in “Kami” and “Your Hands” has a more epic variation. “The Untouchable” has some “happy” keys, while the ones which start up “Dedication” remind us of a tragic symphony. And the softest theme, not being exactly a ballad, we find it in “Being Worth”.

In a whole, it’s an album with quite a potential and, within the genre, a promising band. «

Label: Massacre Records

Producer: Andy Horn


  1. Prologue
  2. Power Dive
  3. My Separation
  4. Dreams Awake
  5. Kami
  6. The Untouchable
  7. Being Worth
  8. Dedication
  9. Your Hands
  10. Red Winter’s Snow I: Prophets Of Doom
  11. Power Dive (reprise)
  12. Smoke And Mirrors (digipack bonus track)


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