DEAFHEAVEN @ Hard Club, 2012/05/12

Original Portuguese version here:

» There were several people scattered through the hall and stairs of Hard Club, but nothing that would anticipate the “flood” we would witness that night. DEAFHEAVEN got on stage around 10 p.m. in an almost sold-out venue.

Given the first reaction of the audience, not many were familiar with the sound of the band from San Francisco, but soon the majority let themselves be taken away by the post-rock melodies, with elaborated instrumental parts, and the high-pitched screams, typically black metal, of singer George Clarke.

The setlist was composed by just 4 songs, but the first 3, also the first 3 from the debut album “Roads To Judah” (2011), they sum up some half an hour of playtime.

Clarke spoke only once, to announce the final song, “Exit Denied”, taken from the demo they recorded in the same year they founded the band (2010). He also thanked, and judging by the look in his eyes and the way the crowd welcomed them, it was a sincere “thank you”. «

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