KYLESA @ Hard Club, 2012/01/18

Original Portuguese version here:

» And the time had come for the so awaited headliners. I don’t know if the gig was sold out like the first time KYLESA had been here, in 2010, but if it wasn’t, it was a near miss.

They opened with “Said And Done”, with Laura Pleasants saying it was good to be back.

The concert focused on the last two works of the band, “Static Tensions” (2009) and “Spiral Shadow” (2010), but they went further back, leaving just the self-titled debut album (2002) out of the setlist.

It took only the first chords for the audience, already warmed up by the previous bands, to share the well-known energy of KYLESA.

Among others, we could hear “Don’t Look Back”, “Unknown Awareness”, “Only One”, “To Forget” and, of course, “Hollow Severer”. In-between, drummers Carl McGinley and Tyler Newberry offered us a jam, and “Running Red” and “Where The Horizons Unfold” formed the encore.

The sludge/psychadelic movement has been growing in the last few years and KYLESA is definitely a mark in the genre. I can’t find the exact adjectives to live up to this performance, but it should be something like “electrifying”, “aggressive” and, at the same time, “soulful”. «

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