CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE @ Hard Club, 2012/01/18

Original Portuguese version here:

» CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE also had never played here before, but they weren’t unknown to the public at all – a major part of it sang along the lyrics with enthusiasm. And even who didn’t know them was pleased, as almost all the room moved to the sound of the post-punk somewhat progressive of this North-American trio.

The vocal combination of Drew Speziale and Kathy Stubelek has an impressive strength, and it’s probably the reason why some critics use the label “screamo”.

Promoting their most recent work, the EP “Decompositions, Volume 1, Chapter 1: Rites Of Initiation”, they began however with two tracks from 2004, “Same Shade As Concrete” and “Crowquill” (album “As The Roots Undo”). Only then they moved up to the new songs, with 3/4 of “… Rites Of Initiation”: “Enter The Narrow Gates”, “Spirit Narrative” and “Way Of Ever-Branching Paths”.

Drew thanked at least twice for us being there that night to see them, thanking also to the other bands. And like KEN MODE and all bands of that genre, the talking was left to that, compensated by the excellence of the performance.

When Drew said “we have one for you”, someone yelled “Our Need To Bleed”. Kathy looked at the boy, smiled and said “That’s right. This one’s for that guy”. «

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