DAVIDIAN’s “Our Fear Is Their Force”

Those who’ve known the band for their previous album, “Hear Their Cries” (2008), may have been a bit confused when DAVIDIAN recently asked on their official Facebook page the fans opinion on their genre – thrash, death, or whatever. Sure, every thrash metal band has its bits of death here and there (and vice-versa), but there was no doubt about DAVIDIAN‘s thrashy nature. Until now. “Our Fear Is Their Force”, 3rd full length of the band, combines the best of both genres in equal parts, and even though I answered their question with “good music doesn’t need labels”, the correct answer would be “thrash/death”.

“Behind An Angelic Smile”, for instance, has the aggressive and shredding guitars typical of thrash metal, as well as the regular fast drums and some high screams. But at the same time, it has deep growling vocals, blast beat drums and several changes in tempo, just like any good death metal track. It could easily become a hit-single.

I’m picturing in my head “Manmade Hell” live and I can see the crowd headbanging in the first minute, moshing in the second, and then raising their fists in the air during the quite melodic chorus.

The first chords of “Desperate Cries” may deceive you with all that gloomy/doomish sound, but trust me – it’s merely to enhance the “desperate” in its title. It soon develops into another sharp song, DAVIDIAN-style.

Another mosh-friendly track should be “Vicious Circle”, while the final keyboards in “Fake Society” carry an epic and dramatic feeling to it – a feeling you can also get throughout “Freedom Of Choice”, without ever compromising its heaviness. And I must add that the guitar solo in “Inner Turmoil” deserves some brownie points.

Without meaning to undermine Dave Hopkins’ vocal skills, this album proves that his successor Tobi Brausch has a much stronger voice and is able to reach a wide range of tones, which fits like a glove to the band’s new sound. Considering all of the above, I believe saying DAVIDIAN took one step further into evolution is quite an understatement.

Label: Massacre Records

Producer: Tue Madsen


  1. F.S.O.
  2. Behind An Angelic Smile
  3. Manmade Hell
  4. Desperate Cries
  5. Shattered Illusions
  6. Fake Society
  7. Vicious Circle
  8. Constricted Vision
  9. Inner Turmoil
  10. Breeding Insecurity
  11. Freedom Of Choice


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5 Responses to DAVIDIAN’s “Our Fear Is Their Force”

  1. Ida says:

    Tack!! : ) Kram ♥

  2. Pingback: Davidian

  3. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    Good Review. I´m listening to it right now.
    Great easy songs to headbang for Fans of Heaven Shall Burn and Cataract .
    Manmade it´s my song of the week 🙂

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