HEAVENWOOD @ Hard Club, 2011/07/09

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4441-20110709-heavenwood-godog-chaos-in-paradise-hard-club

» And the time for the headliners had arrived. Given HEAVENWOOD‘s success, the fact that the entrance was free and the show was at room 2 (smaller), it was no surprise to hear that many people stayed outside.

As they’re promoting  “Abyss Masterpiece”, almost half of the set (7/15) belonged to this album. They started right off with “The Arcadia Order”, going through the mandatory first single “Morning Glory Clouds”, and also themes like “Winter Slave” or “A Poem For Matilde”. In stores since March, the fans showed that 4 months had been more than enough to learn every lyric.

And going back 15 years (counting from the release of “Diva”, as the songs are even older than that), they’ve played “Flames Of Vanity” and “Emotional Wound”.

The band had launched a contest where the winner would get on stage and help Ernesto Guerra singing “Rain Of July”. This honour was given to Bruno Gomes, who did a great job.

Ernesto announced “Sudden Scars” as the last one for the night, but of course there was still missing the encore, which started with “Bridge To Neverland”. The real final song was “Suicidal Letters”.

I believe “symbiosis” is the right word to describe this evening since both parts – band and audience – got out winning: HEAVENWOOD had an enthusiastic and giving-back crowd; the fans took home memories of an excellent concert.

I take the chance to leave a small note to moshers and stagedivers: do your “thing” but with a little bit more of respect for others. In a place so small and so crowded like that one, it’s easy to hurt someone – especially who’s living the concert without getting into that “dance”. «


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