GODOG @ Hard Club, 2011/07/09

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4441-20110709-heavenwood-godog-chaos-in-paradise-hard-club

» GODOG also seduced the whole room, which by now was almost full. Bárbara Carvalho’s violin instead of vocals makes this band from Barcelos unique and, in opposite of what some might think, it doesn’t turn their sound less heavy. Not even MADREDEUS‘ cover, “A Vaca De Fogo”, can be defined as soft.

And if the lack of microphones is good for photographers (no mic stands to ruin angles), it’s not so much for the communication with the public. Drummer David Pereira was the chosen one for this task, but given the physical effort a drummer puts on a show, he did it only twice, panting a bit. The first time, to say good evening, thank you for being here and introduce “Eat”, from the debut album “Tell Me A Story” (March 2011). The second time, to thank Filipe Marta/HEAVENWOOD for the invitation, and André Simão, who replaced guitarist Rui Neto on that concert. But the band’s performance and especially its music made the lack of words a mere detail. «


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