Revisited: AMON AMARTH @ Vagos Open Air, 2009/08/09

3rd edition of Vagos Open Air is just around the corner, and AMON AMARTH have confirmed two dates here in Portugal for November. As they closed the 1st edition of VOA, I think the time is right for this revisited post ;)

» AMON AMARTH closed the bill. Awwwwwwwwwwwesome!

I lost count of how many times singer Johan said “obrigado Portugal” (with a very nice accent, I must add :D). The smile you see on the last pic was constant :)

Another thing he learnt very well was “vamos lá caralho!” which is something like “come on” with a bad word in the end :XD:

On “Pursuit of Vikings” he wanted everybody to sing the chorus. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the lyrics. It’s death metal, no one will note the difference” rofl«


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4 Responses to Revisited: AMON AMARTH @ Vagos Open Air, 2009/08/09

  1. Brilliant pics, man. I saw Amon Amarth back in April in Machester – They were special guests on the Bodom UK tour. They were amazing!

    • Pieni says:

      Thanks 🙂

      Ah, you were lucky! When CoB played here, they brought Ensiferum (and Machinae Supremacy) with them =P There’s a blog about it somewhere in the archives of May 😉

      • When I saw COB, Machinae Supremacy and Ensiferum were supporting as well but since my ex (who I went to the gig with) got the wrong train times and stuff, we missed Machinae and we got there just in time for the last song by Ensiferum which was “Iron” – Being the professional I am, I just winged it with the review lol

  2. Pieni says:

    I think they always end with “Iron”, lol. Backstage Music Forum tried to get a press pass for me but it was denied. Still I wrote a detailed review about it, so I had to pay attention to a few things, ah ah.

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