Revisited: FINNTROLL @ Caos Emergente, 2009/09/13

Last week TURISAS was supposed to play 2 shows here in Portugal, but due technical problems, they had to postpone them to November (yeah, this month is being hell concerning concert cancellations… :P). So it was the right time to remember another show, from another folk Finnish band (which I even like more than TURISAS ;)).

This is another blog post recovered from my old MySpace.

» And finally FINNTROLL :love: They weren’t the first folk metal band around, I know that, but they were the first who turned it a bit more aggressive and got famous. After them, there was a sort of a boom of this kind of bands and I just got tired of it. But FINNTROLL will always strike me as “the original” and therefor the ones I really enjoy :)

Czech M.A.C. OF MAD, the very last band of the fest, had their flight cancelled, so FINNTROLL were asked to extend their set. They were more than happy to do so, since the last time they’ve played in Portugal (Alliance Fest, in August last year) their show lasted something like 20 minutes due to “technical problems” ( = bad organisation, from what I’ve heard. Can’t confirm, wasn’t there). They had their revenge at Caos Emergente, playing for about 2 hours :D Everybody loved it. :)

I know there are too many pics of Vreth, but what can I say? He was under the best lights and he looks good – very good Devilish – on pics. «

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