Revisited: AMON AMARTH @ Metaltown, 2010/06/19

No gigs until next week, so time to remember another old one. AMON AMARTH announced a new European tour a couple of days ago, which includes Portugal – YEY! In a couple of weeks it will be a year since I’ve last seen them. And next saturday I’ll see the band of the special guest on the pics below. 3 good reasons to choose revisiting this concert ;)

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On the second day of Metaltown fest, one of the best bands of the bill was Viking metallers AMON AMARTH. I had seen them twice before, both in my homecountry Portugal, but this was the first time I’ve seen them in THEIR homecountry Sweden, so the boys were a lot more at ease. Plus, being an open air festival, they could make use of pyrotechnics – LOADS of them – which is always nice to see. I must confess I jumped at the first explosion, though, as I wasn’t counting on it. But I soon recovered and appreciated the visual impact of all that fire on stage.

The crowd was shouting for them impatiently – not because they were running late but the eagerness was really big, In fact, they started off at 5:30 p.m. sharp, with the title track of their latest album, “Twilight Of The Thunder God”. Then they went back to their previous album, “With Oden by Our Side”, and presented us with a great performance of “Runes To My Memory”.

The third song had a special guest, as the original studio version has – Lars Göran Petrov, from the Swedish death metal band ENTOMBED, joined forces – in this case, voices – with Johan Hegg in “Guardians Of Asgaard”. Brutal!

Formed in 1988 and released its first full length ten years later (“Once Sent From The Golden Hall”), this one-hour show had only one song from that era/album: “Siegreicher Marsch” (“Victorious March” in German). The rest of the setlist was composed by songs from post releases of 2002 “Versus The World”, like “Death In Fire” or “Asator”.

The last song was, obviously, what is already considered a hymn: “The Pursuit Of Vikings”, with about 20.000 people screaming their lungs out on the chorus. “Amazing” is an understatement.

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