Revisited: SONIC SYNDICATE @ Metaltown, 2010/06/18

I was saving this for next month, where I would start by saying “Exactly one year ago…”. But since the SONIC SYNDICATE + ENGEL + M.M.I. gig (that I was supposed to attend next saturday) was cancelled, I thought about sharing it now.

The text was written a few days after the show and posted on my blog at MySpace. Most of the pics were there, too, but others have never been published on the web. Hope you like them.


» I don’t like big festivals. Period. So why did I travel about 3100km to get crushed in the middle of 20.000+ kids in front of 3 stages where I-don’t-know-how-many bands played? For THIS :love: 5th time I’ve seen SONIC SYNDICATE in less than 16 months and definitely the best gig so far. The band itself said it was one of their highest moments, so what more can a fan ask for? ;)

We didn’t leave the black stage after KATATONIA, even though SONIC would be playing only 45 minutes later. Crazy? Maybe. But the truth is that other fans started to gather around also to save a good spot, and I believe there were more people watching SONIC‘s soundcheck than attending KATATONIA :XD:   

The pushing started even before the show, which made my friend a bit mad. For a moment she forgot she wasn’t home and started to curse… in Portuguese :XD: I laughed so hard at the face of the kid next to her. It looked like he had seen an alien :D

But enough of words, as there are plenty of pics. I think I’ve never posted so many in a single entry, but it was really hard to choose them. And it’s my blog, so I do what I want with it :D

The setlist:

  • intro
  • rebellion in nightmareland
  • encaged
  • flashback
  • revolution, baby
  • jailbreak
  • psychic suicide
  • ruin
  • power shift
  • blue eyed fiend
  • aftermath
  • burn this city
  • denied
  • Jack of Diamonds «


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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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