AGÓNICA @ Metalpoint, 2011/03/19

Almost needed a lantern to see through the “fog” Doh II

Original Portuguese version here:

» I saw AGÓNICA in 2007, at Sala Anoeta (Vigo), precisely with WEB. But I confess I remembered little of their performance, so this was like seeing them for the first time ever. Besides, I read on MySpace that they decided to “change their attitude” in 2010, so surely their sound changed as well. What I saw last saturday was a band influenced by several kinds of metal, not just the traditional thrash and death – that’s why they call themselves “alternative death metal” – playing with skill and strength. The “Portraits Of Suffering”-EP was recorded here in Portugal, in Ultrasound Studios (Braga) and is currently trying to come to the attention of some record label. «


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