WEB @ Metalpoint, “Deviance” release party, 2011/03/19

It seems there was a cake with the cd cover on it, but as no one told me about it and I was eager for fresh air, I left after the show and didn’t even see a single crumb.

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4212-web-deviance-release-party-2011-03-19-metalpoint

» I don’t know what time it was when the “band of the night” got on stage, but it should be around midnight. Before getting into the presentation of “Deviance”, the concert started with “Planet Of Confusion” and “Last War” – the first for being the oldest recorded song, the second for being the audience’s choice, after an online poll. EQUALEFT-Miguel, as usual, gave voice to “Last War”.

Only then did they play the whole new album – some completely new songs, others whose novelty was simply the fact that they were now available on cd, as they’ve been played live countless times already.

GATES OF HELL-Afonso helped Pedro setting the beat on what I call “the Arabic part” of “Life Aggression” – one of my favourite.

It was followed up by the already famous “Mortal Soul” and, also from GATES, it was Zé’s turn to give a little help on vocals.

Before “As We Crawl”, Nando took the chance to dedicate it to some people – Paulo Lopes (the cd producer), Sandra and Renata (yes, the authors of this report) for the photos, Jorge Martins for the graphics both on the album and the website, Hugo and Marta from Metalpoint, PITCH BLACK (“in union we stand”), radios, zines… and to their families, for the unconditional support. And speaking about support, he also had to dedicate it to everyone in the room.

The screams were loud, the arms always in the air, the mosh a constant… only in “The Journey”, quieter (and longer) theme the movement slowed down, but it stayed imminent. And the proof was that as soon as a faster riff started, the circle got back in action in the same moment. Not even the noise of Victor’s amp ruined the mood.

This was the last song of “Deviance”, but WEB had another one on their setlist. Nando asked if anyone knew the title and he would give a chocolate to whoever guessed it. But it seems everybody was on a diet and didn’t want to answer – ’cause I don’t believe that after so many shows no one knew it was “If Only There Was Light”. Right on the last moments Filipe’s guitar became unheard – apparently, someone spilled beer over his pedalboard – so he just put the guitar down and got closer to Nando’s microphone, singing with him the rest of the song. This had been once again dedicated to the crowd/fans and also Tiago, son of their former singer David Duarte (R.I.P.), who was also there that night and turns 16 this week.«


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