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TOXIKULL @ RCA, 2017/01/28

TOXIKULL play old school speed metal in matching dress code (that includes leather vests over naked chests ). With their debut album “Black Sheep” and lively posture on stage, they managed a place at the finals of W:O:A: Metal Battle Portugal.  … Continue reading

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DESTROYERS OF ALL had been great the first time I’d seen them but they are much better now! Congrats for the evolution and also for making it to the finals – which everyone was expecting, anyway. The day before they … Continue reading

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INFRAKTOR @ RCA, 2017/01/28

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I’d been waiting for this gig for about two years and a half, since the first time I’ve heard about Chico and Katito having a band together. I befriended the former when he played drums in PITCH BLACK – my … Continue reading

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REVOLUTION WITHIN @ Portugal W:O:A Metal Battle, 2014/01/25

Not much to say about REVOLUTION WITHIN that I haven’t said previously.  And precisely because of that, it didn’t come as a surprise that also them passed on to the final round. Yeah, it’s weird that two bands from the same … Continue reading

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NEBULOUS @ Portugal W:O:A Metal Battle, 2014/01/25

I was sure I had never seen NEBULOUS before, so either ENDAMAGE had changed their name and recruited HEAVENWOOD-Marcelo for the drums, or they had got together under a new name and started another band from scratch. It was the … Continue reading

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MONOLYTH @ Portugal W:O:A Metal Battle, 2014/01/25

MONOLYTH is a progressive death metal band formed in 2009 but of whom I’ve honestly never heard of before. They were good, though. They’re currently finishing their debut album (saw on Facebook that it’s in the mixing phase already), but … Continue reading

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LOS HERMANOS MASCARADOS @ Portugal W:O:A Metal Battle, 2014/01/25

Laughing is good, but there’s a time and a place for everything. And since Wacken Open Air is such a big deal in the metal community, giving the chance of playing there to a joke band like LOS HERMANOS MASCARADOS … Continue reading

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