INFRAKTOR @ RCA, 2017/01/28


I’d been waiting for this gig for about two years and a half, since the first time I’ve heard about Chico and Katito having a band together. I befriended the former when he played drums in PITCH BLACK – my favorite thrash metal band back in the day – and the latter while he played guitar in SKEPTIK. Later the lovely and talented Susana took the bass (saw her on way too many bands to mention them all :XD:) and Ricardo “Slayer”, also ex-PITCH BLACK, picked up the other guitar and I was facing much more than a band of good ol’ friends – I was facing an all-star project. Singer Popas was the only “new guy” for me but right on the first rehearsal I saw with him, I understood why he had been chosen for the job. ;)

I’ve been to several ever since, that’s why I was singing along the choruses of the songs on this first live show of theirs. It was part of the Portuguese Wacken Metal Battle and winning it was a long shot – not because they don’t have what it takes to represent us out there, but because this is also a contest of tradition, and no matter how veterans they all are in our underground scene, as INFRAKTOR they’re newbies. Still I thought they would at least make it to the next phase, which didn’t happen. On the other hand, the guys at RCA – who own a band with that same name – seemed to be impressed and invited them to open up on their upcoming gig in Porto! So that was also a win. So proud of these boys and girl and their “ferocious metal”. :heart:

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