REVOLUTION WITHIN @ Portugal W:O:A Metal Battle, 2014/01/25

revwithinwoaNot much to say about REVOLUTION WITHIN that I haven’t said previously. ;) And precisely because of that, it didn’t come as a surprise that also them passed on to the final round. Yeah, it’s weird that two bands from the same round got to the final one. But if you give it another thought, it’s only fair – there’s always the chance that bands who get second place at a certain round are still better than whoever got #1 at another round…

This was bassist Sono last show with the band – although no one knows yet if that’s a definite resolution. Things are pretty bad around here and as singer Raça said, we’ve all have seen friends leave the country to pursue a better life. It was now time for Sono to try his luck abroad. But as no one knows what tomorrow brings, maybe one day he’ll return, and if so, REVOLUTION WITHIN will welcome him back with arms wide open. It would be awesome – not only to have him back, but because it would also mean that our economical situation was a little better…

REVWITHWOA14Good luck, Sono!

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