BLAME ZEUS @ Metalpoint, 2021/11/06

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


In September, BLAME ZEUS had introduced their new bass player Bruno Branco on social media and in early November they introduced him live, at Metalpoint – although, of course, the long awaited return to the Northern stages was the main reason for this show.

As the band themselves admit, it’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since the release of “Seethe”. But with pandemics and such, its live promotion had been limited and everybody was counting on them to focus on it in this gig. And on the new single “Burning Fields”, but I’ll get there in a moment.

Just like “How To Successfully Implode” explodes (yes, it is a pun) in the opening of the record, that’s how it went in this concert. Then they went back to “Theory Of Perception” with “Speechless” and kept it up like this, roller-coaster-style, up and down in time but always on top when it comes to the caliber of the songs and the feedback they got from the fans. The latter were a bit shy when it came to quiz questions – when Sandra Oliveira announced “the first track ever released” and asked its title, I’ve heard several right answers (“Accept”) but in a very low tone, as if they were afraid of failing and disappointing the singer. But there was no shyness in sight when singing along the lyrics.

The aforementioned “Burning Fields”, which Sandra reminded was not included in any album (making me believe that’s how it will remain) closed the so-called normal set list – “Déjà Vu” was saved for the encore.

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