TREEWAX @ The Skull Room Studio Rockfest, 2021/11/13

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


I often say that “alternative rock” (and metal) is the broadest term when it comes to musical genres. The Skull Room Rockfest proved so by featuring five bands of that same genre and yet so distinct from one another.

However, the first band TREEWAX plays something a little bit more specific – grunge (the NIRVANA t-shirt worn by singer/guitarist Gonçalo Ferreira wasn’t by chance). I believe they have all kinds of influences – every good artist does – but there’s no doubt about the nature of the final result these three “kids” from Porto deliver. At first I thought they would incarnate some of those legends, living introvertly the intensity of their music, keeping to themselves in their little world, but it didn’t take long for Gonçalo to start communicating with the audience – and not just the group of fans who were pretty familiar with songs such as “Tired”, “Wakizashi” or “Frankenstein”. The latter wraps up the debut-album “Bleak Fall”, released in May, and it closed their gig that night was well, where, song by song, they’ve earned the crowd’s respect – mine included.

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