MR. GIANT & THE BROKEN STONE @ Metalpoint, 2021/11/06

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


BLAME ZEUS‘ guests were a pleasant surprise. I had never heard of MR. GIANT & THE BROKEN STONE but their alternative rock, bordering melodic metal, took me over completely. Their debut album, “Metamorphosis”, saw the light of day in December 2020 and they’ve chosen seven of its tracks to bring Metalpoint to life.

From the spirited “Desert Streets” and “Already Done” (songs that kicked off the show), to the intense “Insomnia” and some melancholy in “Vendetta”, the quartet from Pedrógão Grande proved to be, indeed, “giant”.

When introducing the band, Fábio Jerónimo thanked us for the presence and support, adding with a tad sad smile that there’s not “something like this” where they come from. As far as I’m concerned and, given the crowd’s response, many more, they can come back whenever they want – they’re more than welcome.

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