INFRAKTOR @ Hard Club, 2020/11/06

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


It wouldn’t be my first time watching a metal gig from a seat, but QUEESNRYCHE, performing both “Operation: Mindcrime” as a theatrical play (see here) isn’t exactly the same thing as REVOLUTION WITHIN and INFRAKTOR… But it never crossed my mind not to attend  this concert, and not because it had already been nine months since my last; no, I just knew that either sitting down, standing or on my knees it would be worth it. And it was.

The new functioning hours imposed to bars due to the pandemic forced INFRAKTOR to go on stage at 20:30, but not before we were told the house rules, like when we go to the movies: getting up solely to use the bathroom, taking off the mask only to drink, and to order those drinks we had a LED tea candle that we should light up in order to call the bus boy. I said it had been worth it, not that it hadn’t been weird…

Bass player Miguel had return from a military mission in the Central African Republic just three days before, so it was “honorary member” Ricardo who brought to all of us “Júlios and Júlias” (that’s the pet name singer Popas has for his loved ones) the deepest sound of the songs from “Exhaust”, as well as of the new “Marked To Be Forgotten” which they played for us to “take a break” from the others. 

I confess I was hoping for Raça to give his vocal contribute to “Ferocious Intent”, just like he does on the record, but Popas said his friend was saving himself for “bringing the house down” afterwards with REVOLUTION WITHIN and so he was going to sing that one alone. Those who know him and the band don’t need for me to tell them how good they took care of the job.

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