Revisited: QUEENSRYCHE @ Aula Magna, 2008/06/01

Learnt a couple of days ago that QUEENSRYCHE will be supporting JUDAS PRIEST in July, on their “Epitaph Tour”. So I thought about sharing some images & words from the first time I’ve seen them, in 2008, on the “Operation: Mindcrime II” theatrical tour.

It was quite an experience! They’ve played both “Operation: Mindcrime” in full (which meant a really looooooooooooong show :aww:), backed up by actors and scenarios that illustrated the story of these two conceptual albums. Pamela Moore played a wonderful role as Sister Mary.

“Operation: Mindcrime” is an amazing album. “Operation: Mindcrime II” sucks big time in my opinion. But with all the theatre, it was really great. It still didn’t convince me to buy the album, though. :P

An intermission of some 10 mintues, if I do remember well, separated the two acts/albums – that black shadow on the left side of picture #20 was the curtain closing down.

There was also an encore, and that was like a “normal” concert – so everybody got up from their seats and raised their arms and voices to scream along “Jet City Woman” and “Empire”. And on the very last one, I’m pretty sure I saw the glitter of happy tears on Geoff Tate‘s eyes when we all sang “I’m smiling next to you, in silent lucidity” :)

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