REVOLUTION WITHIN’s “Chaos” release party @ Hard Club, 2020/11/06

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


The crowd’s response to INFRAKTOR was stellar, but when the intro “Nebula” echoed, there was no doubt left about whom they all were really waiting for. “Chaos” had been released a week before and I hadn’t had the chance to listen more than the tracks they had shared on YouTube (“Take You Down”, “Back From The Shadows” and “You Will Burn”) but it felt like many had already listened to the whole album.

The studio version of “You Will Burn” features the Spanish singers of ANGELUS APATRIDA and CRISIX (Guillermo Izquierdo and Juli Baz, respectively) and if in “normal” times it wouldn’t have been difficult to have them on stage as well, Covid-19 made it impossible. And speaking of guests, Raça took the chance to apologize to Popas and enhance what the INFRAKTOR vocalist had already said about him sparing himself, reminding that he wasn’t as young as Popas.

What he didn’t spare were the thank-yous to everyone who had made that night happen, despite all restrictions, and how him and everybody else in REVOLUTION WITHIN had their hearts full – for being back on stage, for finally introducing the new album and for the crowd’s response to it without destroying anything, as apparently many people thought was not possible. Of course it wasn’t “the same thing” to reach the last chord of “Silence” without a little shove from a mosh circle or a wall of death, but that thrill only live music brings us, that was the same as always.

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