W.A.K.O. @ Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão, 2019/07/25

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.
Originally shot for Valkyrian Music.


Different sounds devise different performances and it’s always unfair to elect “the best show”, so I usually avoid doing it. But this time it’s impossible not to award such title to WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES. The new album should be out this year still (update: it wasn’t…) and they’ve been featuring “Perish” in their live set lists; Laurus wasn’t the exception and the crowd response was very positive. It couldn’t be any other way: besides the musical quality, Nuno Rodrigues it the kind of frontman who enthralls and spreads his intensity to the audience, leaving no one indifferent.


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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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