NETHERGOD @ Hard Club, 2017/03/04


NETHERGOD is the Phoenix born out of IN SOLITUDE ashes – and named after the latter’s last record, released 13 years ago already. It seems that the existence of the Swedish band with the same name influenced this change – even if the Portuguese act had been around 7 years prior – but since this was also a reunion after a long hiatus, a new name made perfect sense.

Not so sure about the sense in playing two covers – Peter Murphy‘s “Cuts You Up” and FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD‘s “The Power Of Love” – although it was nice to sing along those. And I did laugh when singer Sérgio said that covering love songs was due the nostalgia of turning 40, that one of these days they’d be covering Ana Faria e os Queijinhos Frescos (a children’s music artist quite popular when our generation was learning how to read). Of course the laughter was harder when he included the light tech in the thank-you list… (the small number of photos in this article is the reflection of said technician’s “bright” work).

As NETHERGOD, they haven’t released anything new yet, but they have been working on and playing new songs like “No Spirit In This Age”. But it’s pretty much songs from the IN SOLITUDE era that make the setlist, like the 21-year-old hit (yes, 21…) “Children Of The Dark”.


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