Three prominent bands from the Lisbon Metropolitan Area headed out to Porto to play a gig, just like that. No tour, no new album to promote, no anniversary to celebrate… just good ol’ ‘core to spice up a Friday night.

BORDERLANDS were on opening duty. The youngest of the three and with the most recent release – debut album “Voice Of The Voiceless”, out in June 2016 – but with a handful of people singing along songs such as “Children Of The Sun” or “Release Yourself”. Pretty energetic discharge on stage, in terms of both attitude and music.


GRANKAPO were happy to return to Porto, where they hadn’t played since 2013 (if it was in April at this same venue, I was there as well – see here), and the crowd was just as glad to welcome them back. The band was one guitarist short, Sérgio B., but that didn’t prevent the usual chaos their shows offer, with oldies like the song named after themselves or the latest “Won’t Fall Down”, released last November in a 4-track split with RYKER’S, “Outcasts Won’t Fall”.


It it wasn’t so unprofessionally lame to just insert a row of :heart: to give you an idea of how the HILLS HAVE EYES gig went down, I’d do it. Plus, there’s only so many synonyms to “awesome” and I don’t like to repeat myself… But what can I say about a band that causes such an intense riot even with a ballad such as “Make It Right”? Although it was on “The Bringer Of Rain” that I’ve skinned my elbow… A couple of shows ago, it had been my knee, on “Hold Your Breath”. It’s becoming dangerous to be on the front row at these shows, but I’ll obviously keep doing it – it’s always worth it. :D


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