HILLS HAVE EYES @ Canecas Fest, 2016/04/22


I’ve seen my fair share of HILLS HAVE EYES gigs and all of them have been incredible, but I believe this one managed to top all the others. I was more or less expecting so: Canecas is that one place where the music itself feels at home, so one of my favorite bands in one of my favorite venues was a combination that could only result in something memorable.

The setlist was the same of the previous show I’d seen earlier that month (see here), except for the encore – Canecas asked for one more and the band was more than happy to comply with “Pinpoint”. And HOCHIMINHSkrato replaced MORE THAN A THOUSANDVasco in “Anyway, It’s Gone”. Now if you think that only two changes aren’t worth it to see the same band twice in a fortnight, you’ve clearly never witnessed the life-force that HILLS HAVE EYES exhale when performing live. :heart:


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